EOS Rio is a Block Producer candidate based in Rio de Janeiro.


We are a team of crypto-enthusiasts and EOS supporters. Our goal is to build a reliable Block Producer infrastructure and grow the EOS community in Brazil and South America.


We have been following EOS.IO development since its first releases by contributing with discussion, tests, and offering open-source tools for the community. We strongly believe EOS is the future and want to ensure its widespread adoption in the blockchain community.


Traveling to Rio de Janeiro? You will always have a place with open doors where you can visit and have a good conversation about EOS, blockchain and technology.


Join us as we build the decentralized future.

 Community Benefits

What we will do for the EOS community


Organization of several community-focused events like meetups, workshops, and courses to disseminate knowledge and grow the EOS ecosystem.

Tools & Dapps Development

We are developing a series of open-source tools for developers and other block producers. We also plan to launch community-focused Dapps.

EOS.IO Startups Accelerator

A meaningful share of our BP rewards will be reverted to provide financial, technical and legal assistance for startups interested in EOS.IO projects.

Community Help & Support

Engagement with the community, helping with issues, and answering questions presented to us. We actively participate in the network, collaborating for a better EOS environment.

Community Testnet Participation

EOS Rio is currently participating in the following community-powered test networks:


Producer Name: fox


Producer Name: gallus


Producer Name: riddler

Tech Plans



Located in Brazil, EOS Rio contributes to the geographical distribution of the EOS network. We have designed and implemented a multi-site infrastructure plan which combines bare metal servers in data centers with Tier 1 internet backbones and virtualized cloud services. This ensures maximum availability, security, and low network latency.

Our main bare metal node will be built from scratch to optimize block production. A cluster of non-producing full-nodes will provide high-speed and high-availability access to the EOS blockchain for the developers and end-users.

Scalability Plans after Mainnet Launch


We plan to add dedicated IPFS nodes for EOS storage on the upcoming releases of EOS.IO.

BP node will be initially focused on maximum single-threaded performance and ready to scale to multi-thread following EOS.IO development roadmap.

We will be releasing more detailed infrastructure plans soon.

Have an idea and want to develop it?

Contact us, we can help you globally

Code of Conduct

There are five fundamental guiding values we follow to fulfill our duties as a Block Producer. They are:



All decisions and operations made by the EOS Rio governance will be open and transparent.



We will only work in projects that are legally pristine, ethically sound. and make us morally proud of. Conflicts will always be resolved with seriousness and integrity.


Quality & Excellence

We want to help the community set a high-level standard for network architecture, node security, and transaction performance.



Contribute to the community in an active way and serve as an access-point for end-users and developers, as well as contributing with other Block Producers.


No vote buying

EOS Rio is against vote buying. We promise not to exchange individual benefits such as tokens or money for votes. We believe that the return to the community is through the support of projects that foster the environment.