Our purpose is to collaborate with people and businesses to create innovative solutions that positively impact society. The team is well diversified, ranging from developers to education professionals. check more at: www.eosrio.io
1) At EOS Rio we focus on the technical team, and ours is recognized in the community.  Participating on all major testnets efforts gave us deep understanding of the EOSIO and great experience in deploying and operating an EOS Network. EOS Rio is also the founder and key contributor to the Ghostbusters Testnet, an effort to test security approaches to EOS launch and operation that evolved to be EOS CORE, one of the key groups in launching EOS. Igor Lins e Silva, our head of technology, is on the list of EOS Acknowledgments due to its great work on the community testnets.

2) We also create tools for the community, including other BPs (Node Governor), devs (dev playground) and users (simplEOS).
3) Being in Brazil adds geographical diversity to EOS network and help grow the community in all portuguese speaking countries (Brazil, Portugal, Moçambique, Angola and other countries, with 260M+ people).
4) Our team is a mix of entrepreneurial and technical talent with a common passion for decentralization and the belief in the power of technology to change the world. We bring together a battle tested engineering team with a wide range of experiences needed to run a secure, scalable and reliable Block Producer. We also have a community driven business team to ensure that we will make the EOS ecosystem grow in Brazil, Latin America and all portuguese speaking countries.
5) Our team is already working on decentralized applications with huge potential social impact partnering up with relevant and innovative social businesses in Brazil. Among our initiatives are partnerships with Banco Maré, a social fintech based in one of the biggest favelas of Rio, to bring financial inclusion and foster entrepreneurship aiming to revert

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Traveling to Rio de Janeiro? You will always have a place with open doors where you can visit and have a good conversation about eos, blockchain and technology!

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