SimplyReg – saving the unregistered EOS accounts!


SimplyReg – saving the unregistered EOS accounts!

Since the EOS mainnet launch, many people who had an Ethereum address didn’t register their ERC-20 EOS tokens. In total, there are 19,587 wallets that have not registered their EOS correctly & were not in the fallback, summing up to 3,301,220.3641 EOS. They are unregistered with their tokens frozen, waiting for a solution.

That’s why many BPs collaborated to build a solution to help the unregistered accounts. Our huge thanks to EOS Argentina @EOSArgentina, EOS Authority @eosauthority and EOS Canada @eos-canada for putting this solution together and to all other BPs for reviewing the contract and approving the unregdupdate proposal


And now, we made an interface called SimplyReg to access the contract made to save those accounts. You can access it on


For more information/tutorial check out steemit post:

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