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SimplEOS是专为EOS生态系统制作的钱包。完全集成EOS.IO软件中的所 有功能。 EOS Rio使SimplEOS具有安全性和透明度的理念。

一个与最流 行的操作系统兼容的桌面应用程序,并且可以在Github上由社区审核。

您表示您同意服务条款后即刻可下载SimplEOS。 友情提示:避免诈骗者。只能从EOS Rio网站或Github下载SimplEOS。 任何其他来源均不可靠。除非事先获得EOS Rio的书面许可,任何分发 复制本软件或其任何部分及相关文档的均属违法行为。开 者保留所有 权利。


What's New?

Referendum Support

Vote in Referendums in the EOS Mainnet

Multi-Chain Support

Connect to other chains

( EOS, Testnets, Worbli, BOS Mainnet & Testnet and Telos )

Automatic Backup

Use your wallet  with the same configuration on different devices. This option is set to default and the backup only works in SimplEOS.

DAPPs Interaction

Interact with DAPP's contracts. This option is in beta and will improve a lot in the next versions.

Token Transfer

Contact List

Multiple Accounts Support

Create New Accounts

RAM Market


Airdrops Support

Transactions History

Voting Portal

Local Storage Only

Stake / Unstake


Version 0.7.3
Create Proposals on the Referendum
On the next version you will be able to create your own proposals to be voted on referendum on EOS mainnet.
Version 0.7.3
Version 0.7.3
Vote through Proxys
You will be able to delegate your votes to a proxy that will vote for you. This serves for the block producer election and for votes on referedum.
Version 0.7.3
Version 0.7.3
Better Integration with DAPPs
Interact with your favorite DAPPs in a simple and easy way.
Version 0.7.3
Mobile Version
Our devs are working tirelessly on porting SimplEOS to a mobile version to be released on the mid term future.

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Traveling to Rio de Janeiro? You will always have a place with open doors where you can visit and have a good conversation about eos, blockchain and technology!

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